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Hi my name is Lee and my fishing buddy is Warick. 
Between us, we've been boat-fishing for over 20 years on the river Thames. 

For us, boat-fishing is our main source of enjoyment, relaxation and escapism. 
Fishing from the boat gives you great freedom of movement, so distances of several miles can be covered in a day.

We firmly believe that a multi-species angler learns to be more open-minded, even adventurous in his approach to fishing, when targeting chub, bream, roach, barbel… etc.
You learn to throw away the rulebook and take nothing for granted. Above all you learn not to be narrow-minded in your approach. 
We put all our knowledge to use and as a result, we always enjoy our fishing and take pleasure from what we do catch.
What's more, we take great care of the fish with a strong appreciation for Mother Nature. We've never been in the position where fishing has been easy.

Personally I've always found that a reward, demands a lot of effort and thought.
Ultimately, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that you feel that your time with us was enjoyable and well spent.

Your safety is paramount, so every crew member is provided with life jackets (which are available in all sizes). We have a skippers licence and are insured.

All you need to bring along on the day, is suitable clothing for the weather, sun cream, sun glasses and some food and drink.


We run regular boat trips on the river Thames.  We offer an efficient, friendly and above all professional service at all times.  You will find that we are ready and willing to share our valuable experiences and advice with our customers, helping you every step of the way.  We have many years of experience on the Thames.  We have worked extremely hard in order to establish a well-respected name and reputation.  Lot of our clients come from word of mouth as satisfied customers tell others and first time clients become respected customers. 
We aim to provide the ultimate fishing experience for you to enjoy.  
Are you really getting the most from your fishing? Keeping the passion alive.Thinking
About broadening your horizon.
Safety.We always put your safety first.Every crew member is provided with a life jacket available in all sizes
.We have a skippers licence and fully insured.Most boat anglers have
One or two near misses when it comes to going over the side.It’s a good policy to wear life jackets whenever on the boat.
What you need to bring   Fishing licence .Suitable clothing for the weather.


Under bridges make an excellent pike swims.  They provide good cover to ambush prey fish.  Small side streams and tributaries are good as well.  They contain items of food for prey fish.  Inevitably bikes and shopping trolleys get thrown in these places and provide good cover for the fish.  The riverbed in the shade is where chub and dace will congregate away from the glare of the sun.  Pike will hunt in the fast waters, like weir pools but will rest in the quieter areas.  Marinas are a good place to go when the river is in flood.  Fish tend to also go under moored boats.  Side streams tributaries are equal candidates for spawning sites. 


Everyone has got their own favourite lure in their armory.  My favourite lure has to be the (SSR) Super Shad Raps.

Super Shad Raps

This would be the first lure clipped to my trace, floating and diving to about 10 feet. 
The orange one usually works best for me.

The orange one

The Fox Floating Stalker has the similar action as the SSR.

The Fox Floating Stalker

The Delver Fox works well in a deeper water with a sink rate of one foot every 3 seconds. 

The Delver Fox


I like to use the Bunny Wobblers. This has a fantastic lively action with foam buoyant back.

Bunny Wobblers

And the Silver Super Tinsel

Silver Super Tinsel

If a pike is in a feeding mood, it will take a fly in a first few casts.  Pike don’t get scared too easily; in fact a fly landing on the water with a splash is more likely to attract than to deter.  I find big flies attract all sizes.  Pike can be found at any depths and to catch one on a fly from the top of the water still gives me that extra rush. 
When fly-fishing I use 20lb Dernnan soft strand wire, giving half a chance that a pike will cut through the strongest of nylon lines. 
When fishing for pike live bating, I keep it simple.  I use Carbo flex trace 30lb with E.S.P T6 Raptor single hooks with a ball bob float, with Fox power swivels size 10 and Safe-Lok link swivels size 7. 
Many fish get caught just on the side of their mouths easy for unhooking.  Using live bait seems to have the best effect when predator fishing but you can cover a lot more water with a lure or fly. 


For zander, jigging rubber lures work well.  The Fox Micro rooter with a sink rate of one foot every 2 seconds

The Fox Micro rooter

and The Fox Micro moocher with a soft plastic tail are both a fast sinking lures and are best twitched and jerked along the bottom of water with a steady retrieve. 

The Fox Micro moocher

With soft shads


a couple of short sharp turns of the reel, when the shad has hit the bottom, works best.  The second the shad leaves the bottom it is nailed by the zander.  Zander are not the strongest fighting fish but in the deeper water, they tend to fight a bit harder.  In the summer they become much more fragile and they need to be return as quickly as possible and not to be overplayed.  Zander mainly goes for live pray but I think it gives stronger runs on dead-baits, because there is no need for initial stabs. 


Shrews, frogs and water voles are all part of the chub’s diet.  Surface poppers are great for distance casting, simply calling for chub from below.  Big chub can often be found in the shallows, laden with boulders and rocks.  This is the time when I use The Crick hopper.

The Crick hopper

A grasshopper look alike, it is a shallow-floating diver available in green or yellow.  Green tends to work in clear water, yellow in coloured water. 


The lures I use for perch are mainly plugs

Drennan chubber

but most of my perch have been caught on roach live-baits.  I use a Drennan chubber float on a size 10 hook on a 6lb line.  I use mono because perch have a soft membrane in their mouths and the line will give a little bit more when the perch starts to shake its head.  Perch have a large dorsal and it acts as a rudder.  They make high-speed turns.  I use a very tippie action rod nothing too stiff.  Juicy lobworms are a great bait too.  I tend to use a crystal waggler float and trot it in snagie areas.


For carp and barbel I use lunchameat, Sainsbury’s pork and ham, worms and bolies.     


Bream will eat most varieties of bait but what I find best is bread flake over a feeder with fishmeal ground bait.


The freshwater eel has the greatest sense of smell of any freshwater fish,in fact its only

A greatwhite shark that has a greater sense of smell.Using a small fish head works best
For me.


Monster moggies, growing bigger than any other fish in the Thames with
legendary fighting abilites. Baits used are hailerbut pellets, lures, live bait and worms. 


Most  Bleak roach,gougen,chub are cought with maggots on size 18 barbless hooks. 

By Law you need to have a Rod Licence which can be purchased from the environment agency online at the following hyperlink:
You can do this yourself or we can purchase this on your behalf. Please let us know when booking your trip.

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